In military uniform … a kidnapping gang operating in southern Damascus, and the regime disclaims its responsibility

2 min read Oct 25, 2020

During the past few days, a kidnapping gang has been active in southern Damascus, in light of the increase in kidnappings in various cities and towns in the countryside of Damascus.

Sources from the Voice of the Capital said that the areas south of Damascus recorded ten cases of kidnapping of young men from the area, indicating that the operations were concentrated in the area near Beirut Street and the beginning of Al-Orouba Street, and others near the entrance to the Palestine Camp and the Mosque of the Mothers of the Believers.
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The sources indicated that the gang members wear the military uniform of the regime’s army, and they are traveling in a black van without traffic plates, adding that they are in possession of light weapons, in addition to a person who called himself “the patrol chief.”

The families of the kidnapped youths went to the security detachment to ask about the fate of their children, but the detachment vacated its responsibility for these cases, and claimed that it had not carried out any kidnapping operations in the area during this period, according to the sources

وأضافت المصادر أن المفرزة كشفت للأهالي عن ورود العديد من الشكاوى حول عمليات الخطف المذكورة، مبيّنة أن العصابة تُطلق سراح المختطفين بعد 48 ساعة كحد أقصى، بعد سلب هواتفهم ونقودهم ومقتنياتهم.

أوضحت المصادر أن المختطفين يتعرضون للضرب والتعذيب خلال فترة الاختطاف، مؤكدةً أن العصابة اتبعت أسلوب استخبارات النظام في معتقلاتها، كسؤال “مين ربك”، وتركيع المختطفين لتقبيل صورة “بشار الأسد”.

ورجّحت المصادر أن عصابة الخطف تتبع لميليشيا محلية تابعة للفرقة الرابعة، تتمركز في مخيم اليرموك، مشيرةً إلى أن الفان ذاته شوهد عدة مرات في أسواق بلدة يلدا مع عناصر الميليشيا.

وبحسب المصادر فإن رئيس قسم الشرطة أفصح للأهالي أن المركز أبلغ جميع الأفرع الأمنية لتعميم مواصفات الفان المذكور، مبيناً أن المخفر تلقى العديد من الشكاوى حول عمليات الاختطاف، تبيّن من خلالها أن العصابة مؤلفة من ثمانية عناصر

The sources added that the detachment revealed to the families that many complaints had been received about the aforementioned kidnappings, indicating that the gang released the kidnappers after a maximum of 48 hours, after their phones, money and belongings were stolen.

The sources clarified that the kidnappers are subjected to beatings and torture during the kidnapping period, confirming that the gang followed the regime’s intelligence method in its detention centers, such as asking “Who is your Lord” and kneeling the kidnappers to kiss the image of “Bashar Al-Assad.”

The sources suggested that the kidnapping gang belongs to a local militia of the Fourth Division, stationed in the Yarmouk camp, noting that the same van was seen several times in the markets of the town of Yalda with the militia members.

According to the sources, the head of the police department disclosed to the people that the center informed all security branches to circulate the specifications of the aforementioned van, indicating that the police station had received many complaints about the kidnappings, through which it became clear that the gang consists of eight members

Last September, the town of Beit Saham, south of Damascus, witnessed two kidnappings and robberies under threat, carried out by two unknown youths, one of which tried to steal a “taxi” car, by taking its driver to a semi-cut off area on the outskirts of the town, and proceeded to hit the driver before a pistol was pointed at him. It turned out to be an imaginary “gas lighter” pistol after one of them threw the pistol to the ground while fleeing due to two young men coming to help the kidnapped

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بالزيّ العسكري.. عصابة خطف تنشط جنوب دمشق، والنظام يُخلي مسؤوليته

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