Explosion in central Iskenderun, southern Turkey

Hatay Province: The security forces suspected two terrorists at a security checkpoint in the town of Bayas (Iskenderun), and pursued one of them and managed to neutralize him



An explosion occurred Monday evening, in the city of Iskenderun, Hatay state, southern Turkey.

An Anadolu Agency correspondent reported that an explosion occurred on “Fener” Street in central Iskenderun, and that police and firefighters rushed to the scene of the explosion.

For its part, Hatay state stated in a statement that “the explosion occurred during a pursuit of a terrorist.”


The explosion occurred near a security checkpoint in the city. It did not result in any casualties or injuries, according to preliminary information.

According to a statement issued by the governor of Hatay, the security forces were pursuing a terrorist and were able to neutralize him in the end, and during that the explosion occurred, the causes of which were not known.

According to the video that was published and the photos taken at the site of the explosion, cars appear to have sustained significant damage.

And the Turkish security forces imposed their security hold on the site of the explosion, and ambulance and firefighting teams were dispatched to the scene.


She added that the security forces were suspicious of two terrorists at a security checkpoint in the town of Bayas (Iskenderun), and pursued one of them and managed to neutralize him in Iskenderun.

She confirmed that an explosion occurred during the operation to chase and neutralize the terrorist, noting that there were no casualties.

She added that the security forces continue their operation in the region, without further details about the second terrorist


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Turkish support is invaluable (Interview)

President of the Gagauzia Autonomous Region in Moldova, Irina Flach, said that Turkish support for them is “invaluable”, stressing that their relations with Ankara are based on camaraderie and mutual respect, thanks to the efforts made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 25.02.2021 Irina Flach, President of the Autonomous Region of Moldova:Our relations with Turkey are…المزيد

إيران تنشئ مجمّعا ترفيهيا ضخما جنوب دمشق

2 دقيقة للقراءة25 فبراير، 2021 أنشأت إيران مجمّعاً ترفيهياً “ضخماً” في بلدة حجيرة التابعة لناحية يلدا في ريف دمشق الجنوبي الشرقي، في حين يعيش السوريون أسوأ أزمة اقتصادية وخدمية على الإطلاق. وذكرت صحيفة الشرق الأوسط في تقرير أمس الأربعاء 24 شباط، أن الخطوة الإيرانية ضمن مسعى طهران لترسيخ النفوذ في سوريا. ويبعد المجمّع الترفيهي  نحو…المزيد

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