Corona Virus

Corona reveals in 12 minutes … the start of launching new tests in Britain

According to the famous British pharmacy chain “Boots”


The launch of new medical tests in Britain, Monday, reveals Corona virus in just 12 minutes. “This test will be available through its shops at a price of 120 pounds ($ 156).

James said, “The accuracy of 48-hour tests is 99%, while the 12-minute test has a range of 97% to 98%.”

He described the new test as a “miracle of technology,” saying, “I think it’s just the beginning of helping technology solve this crisis.”

The tests will be available initially at 10 stores across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and will expand to more than 50 stores in the coming weeks, according to Potts.

The test is used for people who do not show symptoms, and it can be used before a trip, or for people who want reassurance before meeting family and friends

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