Pederson calls for a “broader and deeper” political process to resolve the conflict in Syria

The UN envoy praised, during a Security Council session, the cooperation of Turkey and Russia and called on them to “contain the violence” in the northwest of the country



The United Nations envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, called on Tuesday for a “broader and deeper” political process to address the Syrian conflict, and praised the cooperation of Turkey and Russia in the northwest of the country.

During a session of the Security Council on the developments of the crisis, Pedersen said, via a television circuit from Beirut, that “the conflict in Syria cannot be solved only through constitutional reform or the drafting of a new constitution, but progress in the Constitutional Committee could open the door to a wider (political) process.” And deeper. “

He added, “There is a clear need for a broader, more credible and effective process … that involves all issues and includes all parties.”

He continued, “It is a process that can deal with the elements mentioned in Council Resolution No. 2254, and this requires providing support through reciprocal measures, following up on their implementation and strengthening them from all.”

Pedersen said he hoped the small constitutional committee would be able to meet again this year.

Resolution 2254, issued in 2015, calls on all parties to immediately cease launching attacks against civilian targets, and urges member states of the Security Council to support ceasefire efforts.

The United Nations is required to bring the two parties together to enter into formal negotiations and to hold free and fair elections, under the supervision of the international organization, with the aim of carrying out a political transformation.

Pedersen highlighted some recent violent incidents in northwestern Syria, warning that they “could endanger the precious calm that has been achieved with Turkish-Russian cooperation.”

He urged “Turkey and Russia to do more to contain the violence.”

He added, “Some relative progress has been achieved in establishing the basic building blocks of the ceasefire thanks to the concerted efforts of some international stakeholders, which indicates that compromising solutions are possible.”

On March 5, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, signed a ceasefire agreement in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

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Pederson said, “The time has come to work actively for one of my main priorities regarding the fate of tens of thousands of Syrians who are detained, kidnapped or missing … and the millions who are still displaced awaiting the possibility of safe return.”

He called for “immediate measures to be taken regarding the release of prisoners (with the regime and armed groups), especially in light of the spread of the Coronavirus and the misery that the Syrians are suffering from.”

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