The death of a woman due to infection with the Corona virus in the city of Nabek

2 min read Oct 27, 2020

A woman from the city of Nabek in the eastern Qalamoun city in Damascus countryside died early this week, as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus.

A family source told “Voice of the Capital” that a 45-year-old woman from the “Al-Shandari” family died on the morning of Sunday, October 25, of the complications of her infection with the virus.

The source explained that the woman was transferred to Al-Nabek Hospital a week ago, after her health condition deteriorated, confirming that she was buried under the supervision of a squad belonging to the Syrian Red Crescent in the “Nahr Street” cemetery in Nabek.

The city of Nabek, in the middle of this month, recorded the deaths of the 45-year-old teacher, “Fayhaa Yassin Haro,” and “Muhammad al-Abd,” nicknamed “Abu Khaled,” as a result of their infection with the Coronavirus.

The death of the woman in the city of Nabek coincided with the increase in the number of visitors to government hospitals in the capital, Damascus, with the aim of conducting medical swabs to detect infection with the Coronavirus, after symptoms of infection appeared on them, as the number of visitors to Mouwasat Hospital in Damascus increased by 25% during the past week.

A member of the advisory team to confront Corona, Dr. Naboug Al-Awa, said in a previous statement a few days ago, that Syria is on a date with a new peak of the virus, which becomes clearer with the onset of winter, and that the expected new peak of infections is similar to the peak that occurred in the country during the summer months “The climax may surprise us with severe or varied symptoms,” he added.

Al-Awa confirmed in other statements to him, that the real numbers of people infected with Coronavirus in Syria are more than the numbers announced by the Ministry of Health, indicating that the numbers that are published do not convey the reality because health conducts a limited number of swabs, according to its limited capabilities.

The number of people infected with Coronavirus in Syria reached 5461 cases, including 1788 similar cases of recovery, and 272 deaths, according to the official announcement of the Ministry of Health.
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