Qatar Petroleum makes a new discovery of gas in South Africa

Through a partnership with 3 other companies.

Qatar Petroleum (government) announced, on Wednesday, a new discovery of natural gas and condensates in the “Lewbeard” field, located in the exploration area No. 11B / 12B in the Outeniqua Basin, 175 kilometers off the southern coast of South Africa.

Qatar Petroleum said, in a statement, that the discovery is the second in the region, in which it operates with a 25 percent share and in partnership with three other companies, including Total (the operator) with a 45 percent stake, CNR International of Canada with a 20 percent stake, and the “Main Street” company. At 10 percent.

In February 2019, Qatar Petroleum announced the discovery of natural gas and condensates in the Brulbada field, located in the same exploration area, “which is considered a milestone that opens the door to new exploration work in South Africa,” according to the statement.

“The initial results of the well were better than expected, which provides great opportunities for further exploration and evaluation activities in this region,” said Saad bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Managing Director and CEO of Qatar Petroleum.

Al-Kaabi added: “The important discovery in South Africa comes safely and efficiently amid the challenges posed by the new Corona pandemic.”

Qatar Petroleum is a company owned by the Qatari government and responsible for various investments in the stages of the oil and gas industry inside and outside the country.

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