“The French product replaced Peters” embarrassed Ankara’s opponents (a report) for about two weeks ago, the “boycotted Turkish products” campaign appeared in Saudi and UAE platforms, and their supporters, on “political” wallpapers did not spend long, www.shwiesh.com 29.10.2020


The call of the platforms of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to boycott Turkish products has raised questions in return for silence not to announce the boycott of France’s right to insult the Prophet.
The hashtag of the popular campaign to support Turkey appeared in exchange for another calling for its boycott, stressing the positive role that Turkey plays in the region.

  • The talk about the Saudi and UAE campaign gradually subsided with the lead of its counterpart, which the people supported, to boycott France’s products.
    Activists in Kuwait launched a campaign to exchange French products for Turkish ones, amid widespread support for it, which has been mounting since Wednesday About two weeks ago, the “Boycott Turkish Products” campaign appeared in Saudi and Emirati platforms, and their supporters, against “political” backgrounds that did not last long, and its noise gradually diminished with the launch of popular and religious campaigns calling for a boycott of French goods. According to monitoring, the catalyst behind the rapid response to calls for boycott of Paris’ products was “religious”, especially with the announcement by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to support the continued publication of cartoons insulting to the Messenger of Islam Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. With the defense of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of the Messenger and his demand to boycott the products of France, and Paris responded by summoning its ambassador to Ankara, the boycott campaign was added to a new dimension, through the hashtag (hashtag) “#_french_product_turki”. In light of the rise in popular and religious support for the boycott campaign of French products and its replacement with Turkey, the Saudi and UAE platforms campaign and their supporters have disappeared remarkably. Things seemed to be a chess match that apparently ended with the phrase “checkmate” from tweeters who say they refuse to officially ignore Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to popular Arab demands to boycott Paris products.
  • Saudi campaign is fading The head of the Council of Saudi Chambers (governmental), Ajlan Al-Ajlan, released a tweet on 14 October, in which he said, “We, as citizens and businessmen, will not have any dealings with everything that is Turkish (..),” coinciding with Saudi-Emirati media outlets. Online commissions support hashtags. The comments, according to the monitoring, were a model of the dramatic shift from a Saudi-Emirati call to boycott Turkish products to questions that did not find a response to the failure to take a stance towards French goods in light of the offense of the Messenger. Amid comments on the same day in support of Ajlan’s proposal, the account (Maha @ Maha496) said rejecting the idea: “As long as relations are not broken, we will buy Turkish goods in terms of quality and reasonable price because the alternative is very expensive.” While following the account of (Asmaa Ali) saying: “You are the losers,” the account of “Retired Retired” Khawatir warned Ajlan not to speak as if he had a mandate from the people, in light of the presence of “official bodies”. Before the comments abounded in the comments days later about the importance of boycotting French products, including what the “sam ham” account posted on October 23, saying: “Are you going to boycott France because of their aggression against the master of mankind?” The account of “Khalaf Al-Hammad” asked, saying: “They say France despises (mocking) the Messenger, and is this not a normal topic? What needs a boycott?” . A day later, the “assistant” account asked: “Is it not time to announce a boycott of French products and support for our honorable Messenger. I hope you will do the same as soon as possible.” Until Thursday, October 29, Ajlan had not called, through his Twitter account, to boycott French products. Three days ago, he considered the escalation of that campaign to defend the Prophet as a “disruption” of his campaign, which had dimmed its voice.
  • Support to boycott French products escalates The same was the case, according to the monitoring, with the hashtag “# Popular Campaign to Boycott Turkey”, which appeared in conjunction with Ajlan’s call as well, and at the time was met with a rejectionist tag entitled “# The Popular Campaign to Support Turkey.” The support continued like a chess match between two singers. Significant and repeated questions appeared to the boycott hashtag about why it was not able to announce this to France. “Dr.yusufkatipoglu” account tweeted on October 19: “The Saudi government is fraudulent and claims that boycotting Turkish products is a popular demand, while a hashtag supporting Turkish products tops Twitter in the Gulf and the Arab world … when magic turns against the magician.” On October 23, a tweet for an account called “Bin Awaid # 2030” used pictures that it claimed were Turkish insults to the Prophet, saying: “Do not forget. # The Popular Campaign to Boycott Turkey in defense of the Messenger and his companions paid off.” In its first part, that tweet indicated the fading of the campaign to boycott the UAE axis, and the second revealed a false attempt to motivate citizens towards the campaign, which was backed by the successful call against France for refusing to offend the Prophet. Amidst the escalation of official statements from several countries calling for a boycott of French products, led by Turkey, through a speech by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a proposal was added for Gulfs to launch the campaign “#FrenchProduct_Burki”
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  • “Instead of the French producer for Turkey” The third campaign was louder on the communication platforms, coinciding with its launch by Kuwaitis on Wednesday, the continuing escalation of the campaign to boycott French products, the French anti-Ankara response, and the gradual loss of the voice of the Saudi and UAE campaign. Abdul Aziz Al-Fadli’s account said: “Instead of the French product, the Turkish product is purchased as support for a Muslim country that is being fought because it raises the banner of defending Muslim issues, and buying the French product is support for a country whose government abuses Islam and the status of prophethood.” Abdul Wahab Al-Sari’s account added: “Instead of the French product, Turki is a campaign that is not courteous. The Turkish product is always of high quality, but surpasses the French in many commodities.” The most prominent businessman in Qatar, Faisal bin Jassim Al-Thani, said through his account in Twitter: “I hope that the campaign #_french_product_turki will be launched in the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries. Before the Saudi journalist followed the two Al-Ahmar members by saying about the new call that it “diverted the path from the Saudi boycott campaign on its way,” in an indirect reference to what it was facing, without explicitly calling or hinting to boycott French products. Emirati singer Hamad Al Mazrouei, who visited Israel a few days ago, found no escape amid the retreat of his country’s campaign against Turkey and its failure to support calls to boycott France, except for writing under the hashtag # instead of_product_french_torky, the most reactive of the past few hours, but ironically, amid denunciations of tweeters who strongly support Israel and not support the Prophet. During the past few days, France witnessed the publication of pictures and cartoons on the facades of some buildings, insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, which sparked a wave of anger throughout the Islamic world. On October 21, Macron said that France would not abandon the “cartoons”, which doubled the wave of anger in the Islamic world, and boycott campaigns were launched in some countries for French products and goods.

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