The third in a month … a new Iranian oil tanker is bound for the Syrian coastwww.shwiesh..2 min read Oct 29, 2020

A new Iranian oil tanker named “ROMINA” is heading to the Syrian coast, to be the third Iranian tanker to support the Syrian regime with fuel this month, according to ship tracking sites data.

The “Tanker Trekkers” company stated, in a report today, Thursday, October 29, that the Iranian tanker, ROMINA, is about to cross the Suez Canal, and will arrive in Baniyas within the next few days.

The tanker set off from the Iranian island of Seri, with a load of about 900,000 barrels of oil, according to the Syria TV website.

Last Monday, the US Treasury announced new sanctions on the Iranian oil sector, which included people and entities linked to the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Under the sanctions, the United States placed the National Iranian Oil Company, the Iranian Ministry of Oil and the National Iranian Tanker Company under the authority of “fighting terrorism.”

The US Naval Institute says that Russian ships escorted an Iranian tanker to the Syrian shores, amid expectations that the Russian measure would be a precaution to prevent the tanker being intercepted under the sanctions imposed on the regime.

On October 17, an Iranian tanker unloaded one million barrels of oil in Baniyas on the Syrian coast.

In a related context, the “Jaguar S” oil tanker is still being held in Zahrani Port, Lebanon, on suspicion of trying to violate Caesar’s law by transporting gasoline to the regime, while no party has announced its ownership of the shipment.

Iran provides the Syrian regime with oil under the credit line, but the supply of oil faces difficulties, most notably the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

The regime-controlled areas have been witnessing a gasoline crisis since last September, which was exemplified by queues that stretched for hundreds of meters in front of petrol stations, and an increase in fuel prices.

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