The United States sells Iranian oil after seizing it

Their confiscation was from 4 tankers bound for Venezuela.

The US Department of Justice announced that Washington has sold about 1.1 million barrels of Iranian oil that it confiscated from 4 tankers bound for Venezuela.

“Upon submitting the confiscation order from the court, the owner of the vessel transferred the oil to the government, and we can now announce that the United States has sold and delivered this oil,” US Deputy Attorney General John Demers said in a press release.

Demers noted that selling oil to Caracas is beneficial to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is designated a foreign terrorist organization by Washington.

“That is why I can announce with great satisfaction that our intention is to take the money that has been successfully seized from fuel sales and forward it to the American Victims of Terror Fund after the case is over,” he said.

In July, federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit to seize oil on board the four tankers that Iran was trying to ship to Venezuela, with the aim of preventing the revenues from reaching Iran’s coffers.

And in August, President Donald Trump’s administration said it had carried out “the largest seizure of fuel shipments from Iran” that Venezuela had already paid for.

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