France .. Two people arrested who wrote anti-Islam phrases on the wall of a mosque

The “Bantan” mosque in the suburbs of Paris, closed for six months by ministerial decision approved by the judiciary

On Saturday, French security forces arrested two people for writing anti-Islam slogans on the wall of the “Bantan” mosque in the suburbs of Paris, which was closed for six months by a ministerial decision approved by the judiciary.

In a statement, Bobigny’s public prosecutor confirmed that two young men in their twenties had been arrested while writing in white paint graffiti on the wall of Bantan mosque.

The prosecution confirmed the removal of anti-Islam expressions from the mosque wall, and the arrest of the two young men.

And Tuesday, the Administrative Court of the city of Montreuil (north), approved the authorities ’decision to close a mosque in the suburb of” Bantan “, northeast of Paris, for a period of 6 months.

The court claimed that one of the clerics in the mosque “was involved in an extremist Islamic movement.”

On October 19, French Interior Minister Gerard Darmanan ordered the closure of a mosque in Bantan, after he posted on his account on the communication sites a video clip denouncing the lesson in which caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were shown by Samuel Bate, the teacher who was killed on October 16 This October.

France recently witnessed the publication of insulting pictures and drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, on the facades of some buildings.

On October 21, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a press statement that France would not abandon the “caricatures” (offensive to Islam), which sparked a wave of anger throughout the Islamic world, and campaigns were launched in some countries boycotting French products and goods.
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President Erdogan participates in the funeral of the martyrs of the ill-fated helicopter

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The United Nations calls for accountability for the users of chemical weapons in Syria

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