Turkish Yalova … a “thrilling” forest captivates with its autumnal beauty

It attracts nature, photography and campers in particular, thanks to its charming scenery in the fall


“Thrilling” forest in the state of Yalova, northwestern Turkey, is captivating by its unique and magical views, in the autumn season.

The forest is located in an exciting town in the “Cinarcik” district of Yalova, where it attracts nature lovers, and photography enthusiasts, in particular, thanks to the enchanting scenery it contains.

The forest covers an area of ​​95 hectares, and was established in 2005, and includes a 2 km long dirt path, areas for children’s games, sports, and hiking, a suspension bridge, and high terraces.


The forest also includes a large number of trees, of various varieties, such as linden, chestnut, oak, beech, and pine.

The forest is very popular with tourists these days, especially photography and nature lovers.

The forest enjoys its proximity to the city center, as it is located 29 km away from it, which makes it one of the top destinations for Yalova residents who want to spend a daily vacation, camping enthusiasts and sports lovers on the other hand.

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