Izmir earthquake … The number of victims rises to 91

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management “AFAD” reported that 155 injured people are still undergoing treatment
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The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) announced, Monday, that the earthquake victims in Izmir have risen to 91.

AFAD stated in a statement that the earthquake that occurred on Friday off the coast of the Safari Hissar region was followed by 1,286 aftershocks, 43 of which had a magnitude of 4+.

She explained that the number of people injured in the earthquake reached 994, of whom 839 left hospitals, while 155 others continue to receive the necessary health care.


AFAD indicated that search and rescue operations are still ongoing in 5 buildings in the state, while search and rescue teams have completed their work in 12 buildings.

On Friday, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of “Safari Hissar” district in the western state of Izmir

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President Erdogan participates in the funeral of the martyrs of the ill-fated helicopter

The Turkish president will participate in the funeral prayer for the 11 martyrs, after the Friday prayer, in a mosque in Ankara.http://www.shwiesh.com05.03.2021 The Turkish presidency announced that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will participate in the funeral prayer Friday for the 11 soldiers who were killed in the crash of their helicopter. The Presidential Communication Department…المزيد

The United Nations calls for accountability for the users of chemical weapons in Syria

The Secretary-General’s High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu, during a session of the UN Security Council on the Syria chemical program 04.03.2021 On Thursday, the United Nations demanded that all chemical weapons users in Syria be held accountable, stressing the importance of unity in the UN Security Council to fulfill this urgent commitment. This…المزيد


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