American elections 2020 .. Polling stations open

A record number of 99.6 million voters cast their votes in the early voting
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American elections 2020 .. Polling stations open
A record number of 99.6 million voters cast their votes in the early voting
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The US presidential elections for 2020 kicked off Sunday, with polling stations open to voters in eight states on the East Coast, including Virginia, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

The American “Al-Hurra” channel reported that, at a later time, the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Ohio, Washington, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, and Rhode Island joined the voting list.

According to “Fox News”, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, won the midnight elections in Dixville Notch, with an overwhelming majority at the expense of his Republican rival, Donald Trump, who is looking to win a second term in the race for the White House.

Voters for Dixville Notch, a small village of 12 people in the northeastern United States, cast their first votes by midnight Monday / Tuesday.

The last candidate to win an overwhelming majority in Dixville Notch was Richard Nixon in 1960, according to the same source.

In this context, the Foundation for the American Election Project, an unofficial counting agency concerned with monitoring the vote, announced that 99.6 million Americans had voted in early voting before the third of November.

The foundation said on its website that those participating in the early voting “have achieved a record.”

She pointed out that the rate of voting in early voting reached “71 percent of the general turnout (for elections) in 2016.”

It also indicated that about 64 million American voters voted through the Postal Service.

According to the CNN map of the US elections, the conflict between the current president, Republican candidate Trump and Democratic candidate Biden lies in the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina and Ohio.

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