The Burning Port … Beirut Explosion Figures Shock the Lebanese (Report)

  • $ 4.5 billion estimated cost of Beirut reconstruction – $ 350 million – Port losses alone – 67,000 housing units completely destroyed and 16,000 partially destroyed

$ 4.5 billion is the estimated cost of rebuilding Beirut
$ 350 million in losses at the port alone
67,000 housing units were completely destroyed and 16,000 partially destroyed

The record numbers caused by the explosion of the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut are still broken to this day by the numbers associated with the disaster, whether in the number of victims or the force of the explosion or losses inside and outside the port.

On August 4, a massive explosion occurred in the Beirut port, which was classified as the third most powerful explosion in the world and led to the death of more than 200 people, more than 6 thousand injured and dozens of missing, along with massive material damage.

According to preliminary official estimates, the explosion occurred in Ward 12, which the authorities say contained about 2,750 tons of the highly explosive “ammonium nitrate”, which had been confiscated from a ship and stored since 2014.

The catastrophic explosion worsened the situation in a country that has been suffering for months, an economic crisis that is the worst since the end of the civil war (1975-1990), and a sharp political polarization, in a scene in which the interests of regional and Western countries clash.

The removal of rubble left by the explosion is still continuing, as its enormous size, which exceeded 300 thousand tons of stones, debris, scrap and waste from the port, constitutes one of the obstacles facing the acceleration of the reconstruction process.
  • $ 350 million The director of Beirut port, Basem Al-Qaisi, told Anadolu Agency that losses in Beirut port amounted to 350 million dollars, between warehouses, buildings and stored materials. Al-Qaisi pointed out that “the rubble left by the explosion is estimated at about one million and 300 thousand square meters, or 300 thousand tons, but we will have more accurate numbers after about two weeks.” He pointed out that “the price of a ton of scrap from landfills is according to its type, but the average price per ton is about $ 250 … the cost of rebuilding the port without silos, it is not our responsibility, and it is about $ 200 million.” The wheat silos destroyed by the port explosion were built in the late 1960s during the reign of the late President Charles Helou, with a gift from the State of Kuwait and were inaugurated in 1970, with a storage capacity of 120,000 tons, a height of 63 meters, and a construction cost of $ 2.5 million. In terms of human losses, the number of victims has reached more than 200 dead, more than 6000 wounded, and more than 300 thousand homeless people who lost their homes immediately after the explosion, in addition to thousands of homes and apartments that were destroyed or damaged, and a large number of families are still staying in hotels because their homes are not ready. To live in.
  • The cost of reconstruction Muhammad Shams al-Din, a researcher at the International Information Company (non-governmental), said: “There are damages estimated at about $ 4.5 billion, including the port and the areas that were destroyed, whether the immediate close circle or the far circle.”

The damage extended to remote areas, and the housing units that were totally or partially damaged were estimated at about 85,000 units, including homes and offices.

He continued: “There are 69 thousand and one hundred housing units in the nearby areas, and these damages are great from the explosion, and 16 thousand in remote areas have minor damages such as shattering glass.”

Shams al-Din explained that “the cost of reconstruction, including the port, amounts to $ 4.5 billion … We do not have accurate numbers for landfills, as they were disposed of in more than one place, especially in the early days.”

He concluded: “There are landfills that have been disposed of and landfills taken for recycling, such as glass and aluminum, and therefore there is no estimate of their size.”

In the first days after the port explosion, President Michel Aoun said that losses may exceed $ 15 billion; While experts believed that the explosion, which caused one of the most important ports in the Middle East, to be out of service, will have major negative repercussions on the already collapsed Lebanese economy.

Its negative influence extended to the Bashar al-Assad regime (in Syria) as well, as Lebanon forms its lung with which it breathes, after it lost a vital artery that supplied the markets and areas under its control with energy, food, spare parts and other basic materials.

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