US presidential election 2020

TRUMP: No vote received after Election Day will not be counted

Through a tweet classified by Twitter as “misleading”

قال الرئيس الأمريكي دونالد ترامب، مساء الخميس، إن “أي صوت يصل بعد يوم الانتخابات لن يتم احتسابه”.

جاء ذلك في تغريدة على تويتر، عقب مطالبته بوقف فرز الأصوات المتبقية لحسم نتائج الانتخابات الرئاسية.

بالمقابل، أكد منافسه الديمقراطي جو بايدن، في تغريدة، ضرورة “احتساب جميع الأصوات”.

بدوره، صنف موقع تويتر تغريدة ترامب بشأن رفضه احتساب الأصوات التي تصل بعد يوم الانتخابات بأنها “مضللة”.

وقال الموقع إن “بعض أو كل المحتوى الذي تمت مشاركته في التغريدة متنازع عليه، وقد يكون مضللا بشأن انتخابات أو عملية مدنية أخرى”.

US President Donald Trump said, on Thursday evening, that “any vote that arrives after Election Day will not be counted.”

This came in a tweet on Twitter, after his request to stop counting the remaining votes for the presidential election results.

On the other hand, his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, stressed, in a tweet, the need for “all votes count.”

In turn, Twitter classified Trump’s tweet regarding his refusal to count the votes received after Election Day as “misleading.”

The site said that “some or all of the content that was shared in the tweet is disputed, and it may be misleading about elections or another civil process.”

The United Nations calls for accountability for the users of chemical weapons in Syria

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US President Donald Trump demanded, on Thursday evening, to stop counting the remaining votes for the presidential election results.

This came the day after he questioned the election results that have not yet been decided, but the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is a step away from winning the presidency, after winning 264 votes from the electoral college.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign said it would file a lawsuit to stop ballot counting in Pennsylvania due to a “lack of transparency”, and is seeking intervention through the Supreme Court.

And so far, 5 states remain unresolved: Alaska, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

For a candidate to win, he would need to obtain at least 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

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