Macron calls for the European Union to form a border security police

French President Emmanuel Macron today called for the formation of “real security police” for the external borders of the Schengen area with open borders in the European Union.

Macron, who spoke during a visit to the Spanish border, announced that the number of police and soldiers on the internal borders of France with other countries in the Schengen area will double from 2,400 to 4,800.

The move comes days after three people were killed in a terrorist attack with a knife at a church in Nice.
According to French and Italian officials, the main suspect is a Tunisian citizen who arrived in Italy by sea before making his way to France shortly before the attack.

Macron said that while it was still too early to ascertain the details of the Nice attack, it was clear that “terrorist attacks could be carried out by people who used the flow of immigration to threaten France’s national territory.”

Macron said he would present proposals on Schengen border police and other measures to strengthen the region before a European summit in December.

The United Nations calls for accountability for the users of chemical weapons in Syria

The Secretary-General’s High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu, during a session of the UN Security Council on the Syria chemical program 04.03.2021 On Thursday, the United Nations demanded that all chemical weapons users in Syria be held accountable, stressing the importance of unity in the UN Security Council to fulfill this urgent commitment. This…المزيد

Amina Erdogan: We work to balance women’s private and public lives

During her participation by video call in the “Turkish Strong Ladies Summit” 04.03.2021 Amina Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish President, said that they continue to find solutions that balance between the private and public lives of women. This came during her participation by video call, Thursday, in the “Strong Women of Turkey Summit” organized…المزيد

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