James Jeffrey during his visit to northwest Syria last March – the Middle East

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“Our policy in Syria will not change.” Jeffrey resigns from his post

2 min read Nov 7, 2020


The US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, informed European and Syrian opposition officials of his resignation, stressing at the same time that the US policy in the country will continue as it was if candidate Joe Biden wins the running presidential elections.

Jeffrey said during farewell contacts with his European counterparts, “I do not see any change in the presence of our forces in Syria, nor in the policy of sanctions, or our demand for Iran’s exit.”

Jeffrey indicated that the United States imposed sanctions on about 75 individuals in the Syrian regime, according to the Caesar Act, and other laws.

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Jeffrey stressed that the sanctions imposed on the regime are only the beginning of more waves of sanctions, according to the “Syria Direct” website.

In the context of the sanctions, he added: “We start with the people closest to Assad; Because we think it is very important to focus on the accountability of those who financed him, and those who enabled his military machine. ”

It is decided that Joel Robarn will take over Jeffrey’s place, as his deputy, and he has attended most of his contacts and meetings with him since 2018.

Jeffrey recently responded to the Syrian Refugee Conference called by Moscow and the government of the Syrian regime, to be held in Damascus.

European officials said, Friday, November 6, that Jeffrey’s efforts “succeeded”, as European countries decided to boycott the conference.

The US policy that Jeffrey drew in Syria includes basic lines: The US military presence in northeastern Syria to ensure the permanent defeat of “ISIS”.

In addition to the continuing campaign of economic sanctions on the regime and economic pressures, preventing Arab and European normalization with the regime, supporting Israel in its raids on Iranian sites in Syria, and supporting Turkey in northwestern Syria, according to the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

Jeffrey’s resignation from his post comes at a time when the United States of America is witnessing a presidential election, as the results so far indicate the possibility of candidate John Biden winning over President Donald Trump.

And the former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, said in a previous article that President Trump and his rival Biden agree in their handling of the Syrian file on a number of issues, and they disagree regarding refugees



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