Turkey economy

Turkey launches the “first step for exportation in 81 provinces”

Under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Trade


On Thursday, the Turkish Ministry of Trade launched a program to encourage exports under the slogan “The first step for export in 81 states.”

In a meeting in Istanbul, Turkish Trade Minister Rohsar Bekcan explained that the program aims to increase and diversify the country’s exports.

She added that the program will give all companies all over the Turkish provinces an opportunity to export.

She pointed out that the number of Turkish exporters in the month of last October increased by 5.8 percent compared to the same month last year, and reached 43,000 exporters.

She stressed the importance of the participation of more specialized companies in the industrial sector in export operations, noting that 8.7 percent of companies operating in the industrial sector participated in exports last year.


She emphasized that her ministry seeks to push small and medium-sized companies to participate in export operations through the new program.

She added, “When we thought about preparing this program, we conducted a careful study of the examples in the United States of America, Britain, Ireland and other countries, and extracted from these examples the best aspects.”

And she added, “This program will, at the same time, contribute to increasing Turkey’s exports of products with high added value, and we will start applying it primarily in the states of Adana, Kahramanmaraş, Konya, Manisa and Samsun.”


She pointed to the support provided by the Turkish Ministry of Trade for those wishing to join the export sector, indicating that the ministry provides great facilities in this regard.


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