“Double standards” .. Why does the West not criminalize “anti-Islam”? (Experts)

President Erdogan called for combating Islamophobia in the same way as combating anti-Semitism in the wake of the “Holocaust”, the former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa: I do not understand that “anti-Semitism” is a crime while “non-Islamism” is a view!
November 17, 2020


President Erdoan called for combating Islamophobia along the lines of combating anti-Semitism in the aftermath of the “Holocaust”
Former Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa: I do not understand that “antisemitism” is a crime, while “non-Islamism” is a view!
Ali Bakir: The main problem in dealing with the West and France in particular with Islam is double standards, and we do not see this, for example, with other religions and Israel
Nazeer Al-Kandouri: Insulting Muslims will negatively affect relations between Islamic countries and the West and will increase sectarianism, ethnicity and racism

With the continued double standards of the West towards Islam and Muslims, the wave of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim hatred is expanding, until the phenomenon of “Islamophobia” has reached dangerous levels in the recent period.

For decades, the West has preached a rhetoric criminalizing anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews after the “Holocaust” during World War II (1939: 1945).

Now, the prevailing atmosphere of hostility against Muslims calls for a similar measure, by enacting laws that criminalize anti-Islam.

However, the double standards of the West raise questions about the position on freedom of expression in the media when insulting Islam, in exchange for the criminalization of anti-Semites.

Why not also criminalize those who are hostile to Islam, especially since Islam and Judaism are two divine religions, and the number of Muslims exceeds one and a half billion in all parts of the world.

Many questions and calls were launched recently to distinguish between freedom of expression and insulting religions, including Islam, which prompted experts to call for the enactment of laws criminalizing anti-Islam.

The Semites also have one source for the peoples of the region, as the Semites were called by that name in relation to Shem, whose name was mentioned in the Torah book in the tenth chapter of Genesis. To denote a group of lineages descended from Sam ibn Noah.

The group includes Arameans, Assyrians, and Hebrews, who used to reside in the Arabian Peninsula, Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine. The researchers agree that the Semites first settled in Arabia, then began to migrate from it because of the aridity.

The Semitic languages ​​were divided, according to geographical distribution, into Northeastern, which includes the Akkadian language, which is Babylonian and Assyrian, and another northwestern, which is Ugaritic, and Canaanite, which includes Hebrew, Phoenician, and Moabite, while the South was divided into South Arabic, which is the language of the people of Yemen, and North Arabic, which is the Arabic language. .

  • Combating Islamophobia During a summit on the genocide that took place in the Bosnian city of Srebrenica in 1995, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a video message Sunday: “Anti-Islamism must be combated today in the same way as combating anti-Semitism in the aftermath of the Holocaust disaster. European Muslims are subjected to systematic discrimination. Their rights and freedoms are taken away. ” He continued: “This wrong path must stop, given that it threatens the future of humanity and the culture of coexistence between beliefs.” ** “Non-Islamic” viewpoint! While Amr Moussa, the former secretary of the Arab League (2001: 2011), said through a post on his Facebook account on Sunday: I do not understand that “antisemitism” is a crime, while “non-Islamicism” is a view! He added, “Double standards are a major scourge, and the policies emanating from them and the reactions resulting from them push into an atmosphere of escalating clashes.” He stressed that “if the stance towards Islam in the East and the West continues, we will be facing a broader interpretation, but rather an establishment and confirmation of the clash of civilizations; it moves from a proposal related to a conflict between Islam and the West, to a conflict with various other civilizations.” Moussa called for overcoming the conflict by “rehabilitating thought and enabling an updated formulation of Islamic discourse that addresses all other civilizations and interacts with their logic.” He added, “An urgent request from the constitutional and legal bodies in the various countries in which Muslims suffer from discrimination and ill-treatment, from double-standard policies, to lift their injustice, as well as the criminalization of insulting the greatest symbol of the Islamic religion and its major symbols.”
  • An excuse for freedom of expression Ali Bakeer, a Lebanese writer and researcher, expressed his belief that “the main problem in the dealings of the West, and France in particular with Islam as a religion and Muslims, is the double standards, which are applied by them under various pretexts.” Bakir added to Anatolia: “We do not see such a thing, for example, when it comes to other religions or Israel.” And he added: “Any criticism of Israel (drawing, caricature, poetry, art, writing, history, politics, etc.) is automatically classified as anti-Semitic and its owner is attacked and prosecuted, and of course this criticism is not included in freedom of expression, freedom of belief or Freedom of values. ” He continued: “If they are sincere in their claim, then they should be consistent with themselves and enact laws that respect all religions and beliefs, and criminalize encroachment upon them, instead of undermining Muslims under the pretext of freedom of expression, especially with the rise of the Nazi, fascist and extreme right currents in Europe again, After this thought caused the death of tens of millions of people in two world wars. He added, “The enactment of such laws will limit the escalation of Islamophobia in the West, and prevent politicians from exploiting anti-Islam and Muslims as an electoral card to win more extremist votes, incite people against each other, and undermine the security of society and the state.” Insulting the sanctities Nazeer Al-Kandouri, an Iraqi writer and researcher, told Anadolu Agency that “the Western world has dealt positively with the demands of the Jews to enact a law criminalizing anti-Semitism after World War II, when Western leaders felt that the enactment of such a law would reduce feelings of hatred in society and reduce many social problems.” “. And Abizaid: “This experience succeeded in restoring respect for the Jewish minority in the West, and contributed to a decrease in the feelings of hatred that Western peoples had for the Jews, and reduced social problems.” He stressed that “Muslims are subjected to various types of harassment in Western countries, which has led to the emergence of great social problems, in addition to the attack on Muslims and their sanctities not only harms the feelings of Muslims in Western countries, but also wounding the feelings of Muslims in many Islamic countries, which are estimated to be a number of Its members are more than one and a half billion. ” He warned that “continuing those harassment and deliberately insulting the sanctities of Muslims will negatively affect the relations between Islamic countries and Western countries, whether politically or economically.” And he went on: “Western leaders must rethink and work seriously to enact a law that criminalizes insulting Islam, as is the case with the criminalization of offense and anti-Semitism.” ** Deliberate incitement Al-Kandouri touched on the talk about freedom of expression in the West, saying: “This is a claim more than it is true, and the evidence is that they defend the continuous insults of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), and defend those who intend this act, and at the same time they get angry when the French president is attacked (Emmanuel Macron) to ridicule. ” And he added, “This is what we saw when President Erdogan mocked the French President for his offensive statements to Islam and Muslims, and said that he needed a mental treatment … This means that the mockery of the Prophet of Islam was deliberate and has nothing to do with freedom of expression, as they did not bear what they considered offensive to their president.” Macron defends the cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) published in France recently, saying that they fall under the freedom of expression. This sparked anger among Muslims around the world and launched campaigns to boycott French products. Al-Kandouri added, “We believe that freedom of expression and personal freedom should end when it amounts to offending the sanctities of others. Then it is not considered freedom, but a deliberate incitement against a large nation, such as the Islamic nation.” He concluded that “this incitement will be a reason for increasing sectarian, ethnic and racial differences in the countries of the West themselves. Therefore, the adoption of a law criminalizing anti-Islam or ridicule of its sanctities is completely directed to the issue of the right to freedom of expression and respect for the sanctities of all members of society.”

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