An operational arm of the “Quds Force” .. Israel reveals the identity of the group that planted mines near the Golan

2 min read Nov 19, 2020

Mazzeh Military Airport

The “Israeli Defense Forces” announced that it had revealed the identity of the group that planted the explosive devices on the Syrian border in the Golan, which has recently caused Israeli targets for Iranian forces and the regime’s army inside Syrian territory.

The spokesman for the IDF, Avkhai Adrai, said that the Iranian unit that planted explosive devices on the Syrian border in the Golan is named “Unit 840”.

Adraei clarified today, Thursday, November 19, that “Unit 840” is an operational unit that operates relatively secretly and is directed by the Iranian Quds Force.

He added, on his official accounts on social media platforms, that the unit takes it upon itself to plan and establish a terrorist infrastructure outside Iran.

Adraee pointed out that the unit’s actions are directed against Western targets and the opposition, and that it is “responsible for planting the explosive devices that were discovered yesterday and were neutralized.

Earlier in the day, Israel published pictures that it said were of the destruction of two sites of the Quds Force in the vicinity of Damascus, the first of which was the headquarters of the Seventh Division, and the second, whose location has not been determined.

The Israeli army announced that it had targeted 8 Iranian militia sites at dawn on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

3 members of the Syrian regime army were killed, while another was wounded, according to the official SANA agency.

Israel said that the bombing came in response to planting a field of explosive devices near the border fence between Israel and Syria, which Israel had announced its discovery hours before the strike.

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