To produce 150 marches per month … Establishing an integrated factory in Ankara (report)

The Turkish company Lapis has implemented many designs for all types of air vehicles and drones, in addition to useful payload designs, aerodynamic designs, flight control and positioning, software design and interior equipment.



Osman Safgi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lapis Air Industries:
We established the factory to start the serial production of some products that we had developed in the R&D Center
We can produce 150 Lap 60 rotary wing drones per month, and 50 vertical takeoffs and landings annually

  • Our products can be used in the defense sector and for civilian purposes such as disaster management, fire locating, and power transmission line breakdowns. The Turkish company Lapis established an integrated factory in the capital, Ankara, to start the serial production of the production and development of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). According to information obtained by the Anadolu Agency correspondent, Lapis started its activities in 2015 at the Research and Development Center of the Technopark Ankara in the capital, with the aim of developing products with local capabilities to get rid of dependence on abroad. The company has implemented many designs for all types of air vehicles and drones in addition to useful payload designs, aerodynamic designs, flight control and positioning, software design and interior equipment. And after 5 years, the company established a factory for the production of drones in the industrial zone of Ankara on an area of ​​3500 meters. The plant can produce fixed, rotating and multi-axis drones and anti-vibration camera carriers. In addition to providing solutions to other companies in the production of some high-tech parts, and in installation and flight tests.

In a statement to Anadolu Agency, Osman Safgi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lapis, said that they had established the factory with the aim of carrying out the serial production of some of the products they developed, such as the small multi-axis Lap60 drone, a vertical take off and landing drone, in addition to electronic panels.

Safaghi explained that they have advanced equipment such as CNC machines for computer numerical control and CMM machines used in measurement and coordination so that they can produce without the need to import any piece from abroad.

“We have a 3D printer to produce the prototypes and parts that are developed in the research and development center,” he added.

Safaghi explained that they work with a staff of 33 people, 18 of whom are in the R&D center, most of whom are engineers.

Multipurpose drones

Safgi pointed out that there are major companies in the drone sector in Turkey, such as Tusas and Baikar.

“Tossas and Baikar are among the very successful companies that we are proud of. Their products have strengthened our country during the recent period. Our goal is to manufacture products that are not manufactured by Tusas and Baikar.”

He explained that the plant’s capabilities allow the production of 150 rotary-wing drone Lap 60 per month and 50 vertical take-off and landing VTOL drones annually.

About the capabilities of the aircraft they produce, he said that the VTOL can stay in the air for 6-5 hours and reach a range of 40 km, while the Lap 60 drone can stay in the air for an hour and fly for 10 km.

He added that they focus more on manufacturing products for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes in the defense sector, and the drones they produce can also be used for civilian purposes such as disaster management, communications, and shipping.

And he added, “We conducted a successful experiment a short time ago with the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company TEİAŞ to use these systems to locate faults in power transmission lines.”

“The Lap 60 can be used in defense and disaster management, locating fires, breakdowns in power transmission lines, pipeline monitoring, and in the shipping sector,” he added.

He pointed out that they can make all necessary adjustments to the drones they produce according to the customers’ desires, and that the most important thing that distinguishes them is completely local programming.

Safaghi indicated that they also aim to export their products abroad and that after obtaining an export license they will start participating in international exhibitions and events, stressing that they are aware that there is a demand abroad for this type of product.

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