The high level of the “Asi” river threatens to flood the IDP camps in Idlib

This year the river witnessed a significant increase in the water level due to the heavy rains, which threatens to flood the agricultural lands of about 3 thousand people and the tents of hundreds of displaced persons in the “Sheikh Issa” camp.

ارتفاع منسوب نهر “العاصي” يهدد بإغراق مخيمات نازحين في إدلب

النهر شهد هذا العام ارتفاع كبير في منسوب المياه بسبب الأمطار الغزيرة، ما يهدد بإغراق الأراضي الزراعية لنحو 3 آلاف شخص وخيام مئات النازحين بمخيم “الشيخ عيسى”

Residents of the camps in Idlib, northern Syria, are very concerned about the high level of the “Asi” river, as they fear that the water of the river will flood the tents that shelter them.

The river originates in Lebanon and reaches, via Syria, to Hatay Province, southern Turkey, to flow into the Mediterranean Sea, after covering a distance of 571 km.

This year, the river witnessed a significant rise in the water level due to the heavy rains, which have been a source of life over the past thousands of years in the areas it passes through.

This year, the “Al-Asi” became a threat to dozens of displaced people, who set up their tents on its bank after they were narrowed in their ways and spaces.

Despite the existence of the “Gargour” dam that controls the river’s water, the high level of its water made the opening or closing of the dam a threat to the residents and the surrounding agricultural lands.

The “White Helmets” civil defense teams in Idlib began an awareness campaign for the displaced on the banks of the river, and prepared an emergency diving squad.

Duraid Haj Hammoud, the media spokesman for the Civil Defense in the city of Jisr al-Shughour, west of Idlib, told Anadolu Agency that failure to open the dam would cause the flooding of agricultural lands for 2,500-3,000 citizens.

Hammoud added, “If it is opened, the Sheikh Isa camps for the displaced, located between the city of Jisr Al-Shughour and the dam, will be flooded.”

He stated that the civil defense teams are alerting the people about the matter, and asking them to stay away from the river in the event that the dam is opened, indicating that the civil defense teams have completed their preparations for any emergency.

In turn, Jalal Issa, in charge of “Sheikh Issa” camp, said that the camp includes 86 families who have fled to it from different regions of Syria.

Issa pointed out that many of the tents in the camp were flooded this year as a result of the heavy rain, and he called for extending a helping hand to the camp and securing the basic needs of its residents in terms of food, cleaning materials and rain-resistant tents.

For his part, Talal Sheikho, who has been living in the camp for 7 years, expressed the camp residents’ fears of a possible flood of the river.

Sheikho pointed out that life in the camp is very difficult, as the cold weather and rain cause the camp to flood in if it rains.


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