An aerial shot of the target air defense base in the vicinity of Damascus

New Israeli attacks targeting Iranian militias and the Fourth Division in the vicinity of Damascus

3-Minute Reading Feb 15, 2021

On Sunday night – Monday, Israeli aircraft carried out air strikes targeting sites of the Syrian regime and Iranian militias in the vicinity of Damascus, the second bombing since early February 2021.

Residents of the Syrian capital and its countryside heard a series of explosions, followed by heavy anti-aircraft fire from barracks where Iranian militias and the Syrian regime’s army are stationed.

“Voice of the Capital” correspondents said that explosions were heard from the south-east of Damascus, in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, and the nature of those explosions was not clear until the moment of preparing the report.

Website correspondents confirmed that the headquarters of the First Division in Al-Kiswah district, in the western countryside of Damascus, had been targeted by three consecutive air strikes.

According to information received by Sawt al-Asimah, the airstrikes destroyed an air defense base stationed within the headquarters of the Fourth Division, in the vicinity of the village of Al-Baja, west of Damascus, near the old Damascus-Beirut road, which resulted in the sounds of explosions heard throughout the destruction and project, Qudsaya and Al-Hama.


Residents of Damascus circulated a video, showing the moment an air defense missile passed through the sky of a residential area, and its detonation in an area close to the civilian presence, after it failed to counter the Israeli raids.

In early February, Israel targeted Iranian militia sites in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, and others in the vicinity of Quneitra, in the south of the country.

The Voice of the Capital website quoted private sources at the time that the bombing targeted a shipment of weapons that landed at Damascus International Airport hours before the Israeli bombing, via the Iranian Fars Qeshm Air lines.

Aerial photos released by Israeli websites a few days ago showed destruction in warehouses belonging to the Iranian militias at Damascus International Airport, located around the runways for civil aviation, which were used to store weapons and missiles.

The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” described the Israeli raids that struck the Damascus International Airport area in early February as the real battle.

On Friday, February 5, the newspaper stated that the Israeli bombing “was concentrated and successful, as dozens of planes flew in the air.”

According to the newspaper, the Syrian regime’s air defenses fired more than 30 surface-to-air missiles of various types towards the planes, but no aircraft was reported to have been hit.

In turn, the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper stated in an article in early 2021 that the recent strikes against Iranian targets in eastern Syria differ from their predecessors, and at the same time are likely to intensify the strikes against the Iranian presence in the country.

Iran uses dozens of military sites of the Syrian regime as its outposts and warehouses for storing the specific weapons, the most prominent of which are long-range surface-to-surface missiles and combat drones.

Private sources told “Voice of the Capital” that the Iranian forces had converted “containers” belonging to the United Nations, and others belonging to “DHL” near Damascus International Airport, into weapons depots.

The Voice of the Capital team documented more than 50 airstrikes launched by Israeli aircraft in Damascus and its countryside during 2020, targeting 33 sites of the Iranian militias and the Syrian regime.

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